HomeSeer | 10 Commerce Park North, Unit 10 | Bedford, NH | HomeSeer. com | Doc: Consult your controller manual if you’re unsure how to do this. This user’s guide is for use with Version or later of the HomeSeer software . This guide was last updated November 10, If you are an experienced. This getting started guide is for use with the HSPRO version of the HomeSeer HomeSeer is an advanced home automation package designed to take full.

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Because EZMultipli is simply plugged into an outlet, there is no mounting required.

If your Manuaal network is a little flakey and you have some nodes that are having trouble reporting in reliably, adding an EZMultipli or two will provide additional routes for every Z-Wave node to talk to every other node.

Once the unit is set up you will want to access the web interface to set the system up. Each hub has a different method for removing dead nodes and usually requires going homeseeer an advanced Z-Wave menu.

HomeSeer HomeTroller S6 Quick Start Manual

Page 4 Z-Wave controller if you have multiple. Configuration Parameters EZMultipli has five configuration parameters that change how the device responds to various events. Software is at the core of every system produced by HomeSeer. Retrieved 1 March You can either restart your HomeTroller or just restart HS3.

Add to my manuals Add.

Support & Service Options

kanual Newer Z-Wave Plus devices which have this logo on them are required to have a way to reset them to factory defaults using just the device itself. Something caused the Raspberry Pi to crash.

EZMultipli has five configuration parameters that change how the device responds to various events. Then pick the device to be controlled and then Add Association. If some devices are not reliable, add more Always-On devices. Only the EZMultipli in the office and the one in the garage will send us a text when the home is in Away mode. When we talked on the phone he said he was fine but clearly he was struggling. Your Hub should be the first choice in the menu that slides out, click on your hub.


Since Z-Troller was both a network controller and interface, it supported advanced features such as network optimization and network backup and restore. The system is secure and password protected. Use this value in collaboration with HomeSeer Timers to vary the off time based on the time of day. At that time, the technology was in its infancy with only a handful of lighting products available from Advanced Control Technologies [2] and Sylvania.

That seemed like an odd time for him to not get up so I tried to call him.

You must register your unit to allow HS3 to boot up fully and automatically every time a restart occurs. Since he typically would get up several times each night, my 5 hour time limit rarely false-triggered. Start from the dashboard and click on the three lines in the upper left corner. Sigma Designs SmartStart technology makes installation easy and secure.

Officially all parameters are supposed to be twos-complement but you can enter values greater than by using the twos-complement equivalent. In just 5 hours he was already dehydrated and would have slowly died a painful death in a day or so if my system had not been in place. HomeSeer knows about parameters 1, 3 and 4 ,anual you can adjust any parameter via the Set Configuration Parameters box at the bottom of the screen.

In my case we always close off our home office from the pets during the day when homeeser are not home.


Here are some recommended values for the OnTime parameter:. Inclusion should begin within a couple of minutes but may take longer if several SmartStart devices are added manuak the same time.

HomeSeer – Wikipedia

HomeSeer has several platforms so the precise method might be slightly different than shown here. The HS3 application runs on the Raspberry Pi so all processing is local which means temporary Internet connectivity outages are no problem.

Enter text homesefr picture: This setting is not recommended with HomeSeer. Vera Vera has several versions of their UI but each of them has a similar menu structure so these instructions should work on any version.

Retrieved 1 May Only ON commands are sent. The Z-Wave Plus certified device is one of the first available SmartStart manuall on the market and is available for purchase now on Amazon. The Z-Wave system saved my fathers life. HomeSeer HS3 is my favorite smart home software.

I had the Sheriff stop by and check on him and it turns out he was on the floor, awake but unable to move. I was frustrated because I left what I thought was a working system but soon turned out to be unreliable. Exclusive Update – HomeSeer Technologies”. The Vera version shown here is UI7. The most important parameter is the OnTime homesefr. Collisions slow everything down just like rubber-necking on the highway. The repair will take from minutes to ,anual an hour depending on the size of your network.


Congratulations on your purchase! It is highly recommended that you change the. Then 10 minutes later, HomeSeer will be sent a No-Motion event.