Friendly Fire, the first collection of short stories from Alaa Al Aswany, acclaimed author of Chicago and The Yacoubian Building, deftly explores the lives o. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Friendly Fire by Alaa Al Aswany. Friendly Fire. Alaa al Aswany, Author, Humphrey Davies, Translator. Harper Perennial $ (p) ISBN

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Al Aswany considers Nasser a “great leader, who guaranteed free education for social mobility, but made one big mistake: Most of the characters have accepted the prevailing system — cowering almost naturally before the powers that be — and while Al Aswany describes a few attempts to challenge it, most ultimately fail against the deeply entrenched way things are; several stories end showing how the characters resign themselves to the way things are, in a number of different ways.

An exiled dissident is seized by the FBI on charges fabricated by Egyptian intelligence. There’s a category of Arabic poetry about homosexual feelings. Chicago was first a hit serial in Al-Dustour. He said, ‘you must keep writing. It is, however, a solid collection, and in some respects even more revealing about contemporary Egypt than The Yacoubian Building even as it is not quite as enjoyable a reading experience.

While Al-Aswany refused for the book to be translated into Hebrew and published in Israela volunteer had translated it and IPCRI wanted to offer it for free to expand cultural awareness and understanding in the region.

Consequently, he complained to the International Publishers Association. He was the No 1 enemy in the western media in the 50s and 60s, and was afraid of establishing political parties that could be used against him. There are, he believes, “two related struggles in Egypt: Al Aswany’s father, Abbas, was a “self-made man from the south”, a novelist and lawyer who won the state award for literature inand died when Alaa was Al-Aswany was born on 26 May Apart from lawsuits brought against Al Aswany by former residents of the Yacoubian building who claim he used them in his novel, fame has had other downsides.

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Some readers have been disappointed by a failure of nerve on the part of one of the rebels. Even the rare hopeful ending is clearly delusional, as in ‘Waiting for the Leader’, where a follower of the Wafd a political party that was long outlawed has a vision of the dead party leader, Mustafa el-Nahhas, and follows the instructions he believes he has heard, to wait for the long dead man in front of the building that is the ‘symbolic home of the Wafd Party’. But alaa than be published abroad, in Lebanon, Al Aswany held out, since imported books are easier to ban.

You don’t have the time or concentration to rebel. Al Aswany creates a microcosm of Egyptian society and the forces that plague it – ruthless profiteering, political corruption and prejudice, police torture, Islamic extremism.

The book’s success spread to 21 other languages; last year’s UK edition sold 60, copies. I was learning how to write. Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and awany of the review as a whole.

Interview: Alaa Al Aswany | Books | The Guardian

And if you don’t like my novel, why do you read it every week? Then, he wrote a weekly article in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Shorouk. Giving a picture of people who are not very courageous is a way to push you to do something yourself.

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. I was a child when Egypt was tolerant. But the moment Egyptians believe compromise is no longer working, they revolt.

His latest novel, Chicagohas sold more thancopies in Arabic, and an English translation is published on September 1. His mother, Zainab, came from an aristocratic family; her uncle was a Pasha and Minister flre Education before the Egyptian Revolution of This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat I must keep loyal to them, or I’ll lose everything.

The old pictures were appearing in his mind with amazing clarity. A practising dentist in Cairo, he had toiled at fiction for a decade but had been rejected on three occasions by the General Egyptian Book Organisation Gebothe powerful state-run publishers, the last time on his 41st birthday. Set around a Chicago campus in the present, it draws on two years the author spent at the University of Illinois in the mids, on a scholarship to study dentistry.

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Alaa Al Aswany

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Through characters such as Salah, an Egyptian intellectual in love with a Jewish-American woman, and Shaymaa, a veiled woman who questions the sexual constraints of her upbringing, the novel tackles issues such as extra-marital sex, abortion and antisemitism. But if you block your contact with the street, you’re in trouble. We’re professors of compromise. Inspired by a real art-deco block in downtown Cairo where the author had his first dental clinic, The Yacoubian Building is set at the time of the Gulf war.

If you’re young and don’t have hope, you’re pushed to be a criminal or a fanatic.

Friendly Fire

I’m proud that we’ve had young fanatics there; some have become my friends. Al Aswany in Yet even now, Al Aswany says: Yet Al Aswany remains optimistic.

This is happening every day. What’s happening to homosexuals is happening to all Egyptians. What were once luxury apartments in the colonial quarter have seen the flight of the rich since the 70s, and an influx of rooftop squatters from the countryside.

Egypt’s Years of Revolution”.

Moira Lovell Reviews Friendly Fire by Alaa Al Aswany | Sunday Times Books LIVE

We’ve had terrible rulers, and been occupied many times. Retrieved 3 January The first edition of The Yacoubian Building sold out within four weeks, and the novel became the Arab world’s No 1 bestseller for five successive years, selling more thancopies in a region where print-runs seldom exceed 3, Cairo University University of Illinois at Chicago.

Through them, readers will see everything in their own lives, including social, political and religious topics, but driendly the art.