FOOTLOOSE. Musical. 3rd High School of Pyrgos Ilias. School Year Realised by 20 students from all 3 classes of junior high school and. coordinated by. Musical Overview: When teaching, rehearsing and performing the songs in FOOTLOOSE keep two things in mind: 1. Our score draws. To the rockin’ rhythm of its Oscar and Tony-nominated top 40 score (the Premiere Production: In , Footloose the musical opened at the Richard Rodgers.

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Rusty and her friends, Wendy Jo and Urleen, then explain to a bemused Ren that dancing is illegal after Moore passed a law forbidding dancing after a horrifying car accident involving four kids returning from a dance — one of whom was his son, though this is unknown to Ren or to the libretyo at the time.

Footloose Script Word

So I ask you this morning what song are you singing? Hell, any idiot can do that! Gasps at a sudden realization. REN Well, thats okay, Willard. Gtav script word document Education. A wrestling match is usually one-on-one. Ren, Ariel, Willard and Rusty are in a town oibretto Bomont, where there is a big dance hall, complete with a country band “Still Rockin'”. Is that short for something?

Digital Library Federation, December Put your tongues back in your mouths, and lets get outta here. Shaw expresses his concern over Ariel’s relationship with Chuck Cranston, but when Vi attempts to assure him their fling will soon cool down, he silences her and storms off to finish writing his sermon.


My babys in a panic! SHAW Genial, but pointed. But why dont you frisk me? They brace themselves as a train rumbles overhead; lights strobe across their faces. I dont know what to do anymore.

Aside from numerous tweakings to the script, there are slight differences in the revised version’s musical numbers. After a fed up daughter and wife storm off in a rage, Shaw begins to feel a pang of guilt, pondering whether or not he is being fair with his daughter while considering the problematic task of being both a preacher and a father “Heaven Help Me”.

REN Will you be joining these ladies for dinner? After a long sermon lambasting the evils of “rock and roll” music and its “endless chant of pornography”, Moore’s daughter Ariel runs off to a gas station to meet her boyfriend Chuck Cranston, who is “trailer trash”; he and Ariel are only together for the sex “The Girl Gets Around”.

Footloosedirected by Paul Kerryson, premiered in the UK at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth in Februarywhere it played for three weeks before embarking on a week national tour. And in that moment, I did something I havent done for a very long time: Subjects Musicals — Excerpts — Vocal scores with piano. REN Im gonna take that as a compliment.

Id love to be here to watch, but Ive got to get home and hose down your Aunt and Uncle.

Footloose/On Any Sunday Lyrics – Footloose musical

CHUCK, humiliated, has no graceful way out. Ren gives a libreyto instead during the meeting. REN Whats the deal with you and Rusty? But its not going to get to me.


Broadway’s Footloose musical (Downloadable musical score, ) []

VI When will Mr. REN Starts back to the dance floor. Ren is from out of town and dont tell me that doesnt curl your toes. RUSTY growls in exasperation.

The Musical — Novello Theatre Review “. BOYS Are you out of your mind?

Give the guy a break. Holding Out For A Hero I dont want to move any more than you do.

REN raises his hand. Thanks for you know REN Walking you home? Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. VI Im trying to lighten the footlooose. I really admire you. She stops, realizing they are staring. SHAW Someones got to put a foot down.

Daddy, you make me feel like a mhsical. At school the next day, Ren shows up late to gym class with Ariel and Willard and explains to the teacher that he was jumped by Chuck, but the teacher won’t listen.

VI Sweetie, how do we know youre not sick? Its a journey from boyhood to maturity. Hes our new classmate. Whats the name of it? Script and Word list footlooose UR? REN Oh, no Youre in my mind, twenty-four hours a day.