Hell on Earth Classic: The Wasted West – The Hell on Earth worldbook gives you the details on all the things we hinted at in the core rulebook. Home / Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic / Hell on Earth Classic: The Wasted West. Hell on This is a must-have for any player or Marshal in the Wasted West. Home / Deadlands: Hell on Earth Classic / Hell on Earth d Horrors of the of the Wasted West contains all of the monsters from the original Hell on Earth.

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Someday, your friends in the Denver resistance will call on you to fight the Combine. From spiking wells with strange drugs to creating mysterious creatures to frighten settlers out in the isolated towns, the NA had slowly been trying to drive the Confederates from the Maze and reclaim all eartg California—and its valuable ghost-rock deposits—for itself. Maybe your hero was one of them. I was a doctor—well, nearly a doctor—before the bombs fell. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. These bastards are traitors to the human race—Hell, to life itself. She must also rush into hand-to-hand combat no matter what the situation. The gangrene can be controlled, and normal healing deadlamds begin if the character is treated with a Hard 9 medicine roll.

When fired, the inferno round belches a gout of fire from the grenade launcher temporarily turning it into a small flamethrower. The NA and the SA fought anywhere they rubbed borders or there was a big supply of ghost rock.

One of the last things to come out of the Last War were cyborgs. Each of the Horsemen had a servant here in the West—maybe elsewhere as well, but all I know about is here. This hair trigger allows a sniper wastfd make precision shots without any worry of throwing his aim off with a heavy trigger pull. The 1st Armored Infantry took the brunt of the losses. The hero gets to raise his Strength and Vigor by one die type each. Nunchuks are not always the easiest things to control, even for expert users.


The earht on the planet Banshee buddied up with a bunch of traitorous humans and attacked.

They can be hooked to any size battery and burn one charge per hour of qest. I was out at his family cemetery in the country when the bombs fell.

Most of the men of the 1st were wiped out, so fully intact Wolverine suits are extremely rare. Wind lost to hunger or dehydration can only be replaced by food or water. Most of the interstates in both the North and South were equipped with these pickups, so it was rare that a vehicle ever had to travel far from a power source. They recruited me when I was younger—dumber—when I thought their way was the only way.

Roll location and damage just as eadth the survivor had been attacked. It’s the Wasted West. Notify me of new comments via email. Casting bullets takes an hour and a Fair 5 trade: She tried to make peace, but it was too late. Oh, I just figured out how to use the hyperlinks on this gizmo.

She is issued a palmcorder see page 26 with which to collect data, and sent out into the wilderness to rescue information. Everyone knows me, and my foes tremble when I step into the Pit.

These are common in areas where ammo for contemporary weapons is hard to come by. The power eart these bolts is controlled by the user. Hell at Home The first tac-nuke used in North America was launched by the damn Canadians and you thought they were all polite. Rest in peace, Tara.


Illo-a-Week: Map of the Wasted West | The Fascinating World of Charles Ryan

Comment below; you know you wanna! That would have taken too much energy and just turned humans into fighters instead of cattle. You can have it after I scan it in my palmcorder. Along came another Indian shaman named Raven. That does sound like a challenge. All of them are nearly unbeatable but were once as human as you and me.

Pepper is hard to come by. They found him several days after the Battle of Lawrence. By now the Confederates had moved reinforcements west as well. See Chapter Three for more details. Languages Polski Edit links. It takes three actions to reload one of these guns. The gun fires powerful bolts of charged particles capable of burning through armor and destroying tissue or circuitry.

The Wasted West (Deadlands: Hell on Earth RPG)

This brutish weapon was designed specifically for use against other battlesuits and armored vehicles. Some of them, those who got snagged by the military, became something even more than Harrowed. All together, all these detonations occurring with the space of a few hours created thousands of Deadlands. He was preaching to a pack of mutants when I caught him, and he was saying something about how the norms had it all wrong.

The propellant in the slug continues to accelerate it after it leaves the gun, resulting in a bullet with an extremely flat trajectory and much greater effective range than an ordinary pistol round. So now I prowl the wastes, looking for, um, salvage.