Learn more about interdisciplinary treatment planning for corticotomy-facilitated orthodontics and read about a real-world case. Increased societal demands have led patients to request shorter orthodontic is the dual-specialty in-office corticotomy-facilitated bone augmentation approach. Alveolar corticotomies in orthodontics: Indications and effects on tooth movement. Dauro Douglas Oliveira*, Bruno Franco de Oliveira**.

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National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Have you ever seen a patient with significant gingival recession who would also benefit from orthodontic treatment?

In addition, some post-operative swelling and pain is expected for several days. Long-term effect of CAOT on root resorption requires further study. Advantages to this procedure include greater breadth of tooth movements, potentially less gingival recession, greater long-term orthodontic stability 1 and a faster total treatment time for the patient.

Most of conventional orthodontic treatments require more than one year to complete. Post treatment panoramic radiograph of the same patient in figure 2, showing the fully erupted second premolar after CAE, extraction of the adjacent first premolar and fixed orthodontic treatment. In another animal study using CAOT, the third premolar was mesialized significantly faster than the control side in 12 dogs.

After performing segmental corticotomy around the molars, the anchorage value and resistance of the molars to distal movement were effectively reduced without the use of any extra anterior anchorage devices [ 42 ]. In addition, cell mobilization and conversion of collagen fibers is much slower in adults than in children.


Managing treatment for the orthodontic patient with periodontal problems. Long-term research on pulpal vitality after rapid movement has not been evaluated in the literature.

Closure of an unusually large palatal fistula in a cleft patient by bony transport and corticotomy-assisted expansion.

Corticotomy-Assisted Orthodontic Treatment: Review

CAOT was also used to achieve molar distalization. Bone graft should be applied directly over the bone cuts and the flap sutured in place.

Manipulation of Anchorage CAOT was used in the treatment of bimaxillary protrusion as an adjunct to manipulate skeletal anchorage without any adverse side effects in only corticotomu of the regular treatment time [ 41 ]. Pre-treatment panoramic radiograph of a female patient showing an impacted upper left second premolar.

Experimental animal research into segmental alveolar movement after corticotomy.

Vertical corticotomy cuts are made between the roots stoping just short of alveolar crest. After flap reflection, selective decortications can be performed on both buccal and lingual sides. Corticotomy found to be effective in accelerating orthodontic treatment.

The releasing incision can also be made within the thickness of the gingival attachment or at the base of the gingival attachment mucogingival junction.

Wilcko also reported a case of an adult female who was treated in only 4. Rapid orthodontic decrowding with alveolar augmentation: All teeth as well as occlusal and soft tissue changes remained stable at the patient’s one-year retention visit. The matrix then remineralizes after the orthodontic movement.


Corticotomy facilitated orthodontics advocated for comprehensive fixed orthodontic appliances in conjunction with full thickness flaps and labial and lingual corticotomies around teeth to be moved.

Surgery can be done ocrticotomy a normal clinical setting with or without sedation. Corticotomy has roots in orthopedics going back to the early s. Wilcko explained the concept of reversible osteopenia in a study of five patients using computed tomographic imaging [ 17 ]. This enhances and accelerates tooth movement if followed by a short period of orthodontic appliance treatment.

Scand J Dent Coryicotomy. Surgical traction of impacted teeth, especially the canines, is a frustrating and lengthy procedure.

Corticotomy-Facilitated Orthodontics and Goal-Oriented Treatment Planning – Spear Education

Successful expansion of the upper arch was achieved; the inter-molar distance was increased by 5 mm, and the inter-canine distance was increased by 4 mm. A study of the relationship between incisor intrusion and root shortening. Corticotomy can be used to expedite the movement of individual teeth impacted canine in this case. A recent histological study showed that selective alveolar decortication induced increased turnover of alveolar spongiosa Sebaoun et otthodontics.

Most of the large idealized tooth movements were isolated to the maxillary arch. Stability and relapse of dental arch corticoyomy.