BTG – General about this document This document is a complement to the ordinary MBT User manual (M) and Service. MPS & PPS Manual / Pneumatic Pulp Sampling Valves. MCS . BTG’s MEK is undisputedly the best known, best reputed consist-. Item 1 – 8 Manual loading of probe signal settings. . Based on BTG’s patented Peak Method (see section ) of optical anal- ysis, the TCT MEK

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Operating principle The MEK is based on a shaft system, belt driven from an electric motor. Slip the transmitter directly onto the stud bolt see Fig There is a risk that the data could disappear after this time.

Installing the terminal communication program: The data for the respective measuring range is now available in the terminal for further processing.

User manual |

Manufacturing number BTG internal manufacturing number. This allows the operator to make some basic adjustments without using the handheld terminal SPC Valve location as close as possible to the suction pipe meek is recommended.

For the motor a plastic cable fitting should be used. These values can be determined in advance and, as a consequence, the transmitter need not be run in water. All units are tested as a complete system to conform with relevant CE directives and their standards. Set the controller to MAN. K2 shows the exponential deflection of the calibration line; it must always be positive. The compensation factor can be directly entered at Comp.


This connection provides power and is also the communications link between the terminal and the transmitter. Short-fiber chemical pulp bleached.

Any sample taken can be updated with a new sample at any time. See Fig 7 and Fig 8. The following menu appears; see Bth This means that it is harmless to the user and, does not cause interference to other equipment and is not affected by interference from other equipment. Do not set too long a time constant. Fig 36 Example of traditional dilution before pulp pump Example: The dilution water pipe should have the same or larger dimension as the valve bore to prevent the valve from being plugged by pulp at water pressure loss.

Mount the connector in its position. The power LED should now light up. To ensure interference-free operation, the cable fittings should be adapted for shielded cables.

FB Feedback is the feedback raw signal at set Torque value. Avoid taps at the water supply! The valve and its actuator must operate with the least possible backlash and smallest possible dead zone.

The flow transmitter should produce an output signal of mA. For general purpose up to pH This gives the absolute consistency error, i.

The time constant is set after calibration has been completed. Cut a hole with a mm MEK requires high pressure water. It is recommended to mount it in the increased pipe section following.

BTG Model MEK 2300 Consistency Transmitter

Step down to accurate constant with Edit row 1and give ac- tual input. Electronics box without built-in power supply unit: Direct input for required feedback resolution ” This adjustment is not as accurate as the previous adjustments but works quickly and simply. The function operates by displacing the whole calibration curve and locating it manuak a laboratory sample. This helps the feedback circuit to start up faster.


Set it so that the signal is stable, normally at to 10 seconds. Press enter and then stants. Pulp HWB Hardwood bleached. Calculate power supply unit capacity to include a safety factor margin.

MBT-2300 consistency transmitter – B T G density measures MBT-2300

Install a filter that must be kept clean, if clogging particles are present. Fig 44 Adapter for terminal connection included with SPC delivery 3. Your first corrective action should always be to replace the sensor. The motor should preferably be connected using a plug to ensure easy service accessibility.

By checking the calibration curve or running a printout you can check which calibration point is distorting the result, and correct the calibration by deactivating that point.

At the point of injection the dilution water pipe should be dimensioned to produce a rate of flow times larger than the flow in the main pipe. Where a measuring vessel is used, it is best to install the valve in the vessel itself.