Read Asa-di-Var in Original Gurmukhi, English transliteration and English format; 2 Structure and meaning; 3 The message of Asa ki Vaar. Explore, Learn, Relish Asa Ki Vaar with audio at Asa Di Var – – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read asa di vaar . vwr slokw nwil slok BI mhly pihly ky ilKy tuMfy As rwjY kI DunI ].

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Asa di Var – Wikipedia

One knows the Truth only when the Truth is in his heart. Sikh scripture Sikh terminology Adi Granth. The man-eaters say their prayers. God has inscribed the Inscription of His Fear upon the heads of all. In their homes, the Brahmins sound the conch.

Grumukhi is the medicine for all; it removes and washes away our sins. And now a journey into my past as I recall a memory so clear, it is as if it happened just yesterday In the Fear of God, thousands of rivers flow. Beholding His wonders, I am wonder-struck. In yurmukhi Iron Age of Kali Yuga, fire is the chariot and falsehood the charioteer.

Accepting bread from the Muslim rulers, they as worship the Puraanas. O Nanak, the soul of the body has one chariot and one charioteer. In the Fear of God, the clouds move across the sky. Her wish was for one of her sons to become the next king and she secretly conspired to get rid of Asraj, the current heir to the throne.

They sing of Sitas, and Ramas and kings. O Nanak, the Lord is fearless and formless; myriads of others, like Rama, are mere dust before Him. All of the earth, property, wealth and articles are all entanglements. The Muslims praise the Islamic law; they read and reflect upon it.


Vwar and bricks are fashioned from it, and it cries out as it burns. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: All of a sudden my head turned, my ears were on edge and my eyes were frantically searching to understand from where this heavenly sound was emerging.

Asa Di Vaar in Gurmukhi

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here No one can issue commands to the Lord Master; offer instead humble prayers. You are the Knower of all; You give life, and take it away again with a word.

The dust flies and falls upon their hair. Great is His greatness, as He knows our utterances. False is gold, and false is silver; false are those who wear them. The thread is spun from cotton, and the Brahmin comes and twists it.

If a servant performs service, while being vain and argumentative, galaa karay gh a n ayree-aa kh asam na paa-ay saa d. They sing of the milk-maids, they sing of the Krishnas. Hundreds of thousands of virtues and good actions, and hundreds of thousands of blessed charities, la kh t ap upar t eerthaa N sahj jog baybaa n. They give and give, but ask a thousand-fold more, and hope that the world will honor them.

In present times this tradition is no longer practised in the authentic manner; neither is it sung according to the prescribed instructions clearly stated by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the title. Twisting the threads, he puts them on others. In the Fear of God, the Akaashic ethers are stretched across the sky.


They tax the cows and aza Brahmins, but the cow-dung they apply to their kitchen will not save them. As a woman has her periods, month after month, joo th ay joo th aa mu kh vasai ni t ni t ho-ay kh u-aar. True are Your worlds, True are Your solar Systems. Wonderful is the wilderness, wonderful is the path.

The sacred marks are on their foreheads, and the saffron loin-cloths are around their waists; hath chh uree jaga t kaasaa-ee. Email required Address never made public. In ego they give, and in ego they take. O Nanak, impurity cannot be removed in this way; it is washed away only by spiritual wisdom. The thief robs a house, and offers the stolen goods to his ancestors. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Wonderful is His Praise, wonderful is His adoration. They sing as kings and queens, and speak of this and that. Men, trees, sacred shrines of pilgrimage, banks of sacred rivers, clouds, fields, d eepaa N lo-aa N mandlaa N kh andaa Gurmuhi var bh andaa N h. You are the Great Forgiver; You give continually, more and more each day.

They are abandoned in the field, says Nanak, and they have a hundred masters to please. Please join me in this journey dedicated in service to Guru.