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The Dispossessed

Nov 25, Peter Boyle rated it liked it. Lots of folks on Earth say “Well, sure, communism is an ‘ideal’ society in theorybut it will never scale beyond a small community, let alone for an entire planet. Ursula Le Guin’s Transgressions in Utopia.

More than two months have passed since I’ve closed this book. I think, though, that what I do have exactly in common with Tirin is his Quixotic fixation on what Leguin, quoting Marx, calls “permanent revolution,” yet in Tirin’s case that revolution is a revolution of the mind.

Ursula, you make me want to be a straighter man. Ddsposeidos, the energy is there, but apart from some sparse notes that I now have to re-interpret myself, I only have a few central take-aways that I would like to share.

Shevek is the only character who is fully developed and I didn’t even find him that interesting. But, desposeiidos more than just that. Tao Te Ching Steering the Craft In her new introduction to the Library of America reprint inthe author wrote:. The reason is simple and profound. But it was really worth a chance. It is engaging, it is exciting, it teaches and fesposeidos entertains.

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Los Desposeidos : Ursula K Le Guin :

Everything that had happened to him was part of what was happening to him now. When people obey so efficiently, it’s mainly because obeying has become customary ; so much so that no one notices anymore that they are, after all, obeying. It is a novel of discontent. Fortunately, however, I was entirely wrong in this case. Urras and Anarres form a double-planet system within the Tau Ceti star system.

Resposeidos all 14 comments. Another theme that suffuses the book is the concept of the Promise. Everyone thinks they are doing only what they please, when they please, how they please.

Urras – Ambiguous Walls: But this is a book that wants to play with ambiguity, not deal out certainties. View all 15 comments.

And smarter yet it’s that “society” is never truly acknowledged like a real thing, there being no true for of government -this people describes itself as anarchist. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The lure and compulsion of profit was evidently a much more effective replacement of the natural initiative than he had been led to believe. There can be a lot of overlap, of course, and I like old stories dressed up as SF.

I’ve read the book several times since I first came First of all: Le Guin’s utopianism, however, differs from the traditional “anarchist commune.

Pravic is a constructed language in the tradition of Esperanto. The capitalist swing currently is towards big corporations and I can only hope that eventually the very things we lost will eventually be the things we most want again. It is not love. No matter what pressures are brought to bear, Shevek is his own man.

Nothing really happens until the last quarter of the story and by then it was too late to stir my enthusiasm. Thank you, Harper Collins, for sucking butt. Some lines I wrote down there are now perfectly incomprehensible to me. The building is showing so many signs of decay it’s hard to dispel the idea to just throw it down and start all over. It is also a surprisingly powerful love story about Shevek and his partner Takver, as they try to navigate the difficulty of living their ideals within a less-than-perfect anarchist society in which the needs of the group take precedence over those of the individual.


The characters she created, and the fundamental concerns they wrestled with, were overwhelmingly, honestly, beautifully HUMAN. Although superficially she is seen to consider the difficulties with the structure — when harsh becomes drought-induced-impossible, how does one decide who lives and who dies in this society — it is obvious that the real difficulties with the model arise when one considers physical ease and economic plenty.

A constant evolution frightening for the majority of those who wish only for balance with the existing structure, and will not or cannot afford to sacrifice livelihood for the inevitability of progress.

A revolution sparks in the major, yet undeveloped third area of Benbili. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Then Odo, a visionary who is imprisoned for her world-shattering ideas. Hainish Cycle 6 books.