Command of the Air [Giulio Douhet, Charles a. Gabriel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Reprint of the translation by staff of the. The Italian General Giulio Douhet reigns as one of the twentieth century’s foremost strategic air power theorists. As such scholars as Raymond Flugel have . necessity of Douhet’s central vision—that command of the air is all important in modern warfare—has been proven throughout the history of wars in this century.

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The only defense was a good offense. Introduction ; Auxiliary aviation ; Aerial defense oc The aerial battle ; The aerial field as the decisive field — Book four.

Posted by Military History Monthly. Giulio Douhet was a prophet.

The Aerial Battle pp. The Causes of the Conflict p. Douhet died in in RomeItaly. The Evolution Of Airpower Theory. This emphasis on the strategic offensive would blind Douhet to the possibilities of air defense or tactical support of armies.

Project MUSE – The Command of the Air

The chief strategy laid out in his writings, the Douhet model, is pivotal in debates regarding the use of air power and bombing campaigns. By transporting ourselves back to the s, past not only the Vietnam and Korean Wars, but nearly two decades before Commabd War II, we become silent observers of the unfolding drama of airpower’s history.


In his second edition of The Command of tthe Air he maintained such aviation was “useless, superfluous and harmful”. More than 70 years on, many of his predictions have failed to come true, but some of his concepts gaining command of the air, terror bombing and attacking vital centers continue to underpin air power theory to this day.

Giulio Douhet

Douhet continued ths write about air power from his cell, finishing a novel on air power and proposing a massive Allied fleet of aircraft in communications to ministers. When World War I began, Douhet began to call for Italy to launch a massive military build-up — particularly in aircraft.

Such, he claimed, was the destructive power of aerial bombardment that air power would become dominant in war, and national air-forces dominant over the other two services. Possible copyright status The Library is unaware of any copyright restrictions for this item.

Office of Air Force History. In many cases, he had hugely exaggerated the effects of bombing. The Independent Air Force pp. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat First would come explosions, then fires, then deadly gases floating on the surface and preventing any approach to the stricken area.

The command of the air

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Assigned to the General Staff shortly after the beginning of the new century, Douhet published lectures on military mechanization. The Intellectual Preparation pp. Airpower theories, a key proponent of strategic bombing. And how was commqnd to be achieved? InItaly went to war against the Ottoman Empire for control of Libya. Armies became superfluous because aircraft could overfly them and attack these centers of the government, military and industry with impunity, a principle later called ” The bomber will always get through “.

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Meilinger, The Paths of Heaven: These would vary from situation to situation, but Douhet identified the five basic target types as: Douhet saw the pitfalls of allowing air power to be fettered by ground commanders and began to advocate the creation of a separate air arm commanded by airmen.

Giulio Douhet – Wikipedia

The New Form of War pp. BooksMilitary Classics.

He was an army officer, reaching the rank of general, but trench-war stalemate had turned his mind to alternatives.