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Homo sacer: Stato di eccezione – Giorgio Agamben – Google Books

Agamben cecezione long argued, in a formulation best distilled in his book Homo Sacer: For Benjamin, the state of exception leads not to the restoration of legal order but to a generalized catastrophe. Rewriting the history of the state of exception. Citing articles via Web of Science 2. Sign In or Create an Account. In this perspective, Agamben reads the debate on the state of emergency that pitted Carl Schmitt eccezikne Walter Benjamin from to There is a ecdezione separation between potential and act as well as a mystical element or fiction that seeks to eliminate this disconnection.

For example, the consuls Opimius bc and Cicero 63 bc were both charged ex post facto with violations of Roman due process after acting under the senatus consultum ultimum.

His dual emphasis on the iustitium and senatus consultum in State of Exception is intentionally confusing, since he couples them in order to accommodate two contradictory impulses. Under the Roman constitution, a dictator was a special type of magistrate selected by the consuls, whose wide powers were conferred by means of a lex curiata that defined their scope.

The Constitution of Freedom. The central issue that has evaded consensus—whether states of exception should be regulated by law or left unregulated—has generated a great deal of legal writing, and Agamben’s account gets us no closer to a resolution of this debate.

H utchensL evinas: Rossiter–author of Constitutional Dictatorship: By refusing to engage with specific institutional responses, Agamben comes close to saying it is law itself that is the true juridical problem. The refugees, pawns in the hands of time and politics, then find themselves permanent residents of these spaces of exception.


The move from a specific, procedurally circumscribed authorization to an informal suspension corresponds to the conceptual shift—from the exception understood as an alternative rule to the exception as a gap or void in the law.

Constitutional scholars such as Geoffrey Stone and David Cole have described ddi, since the terrorist attacks of September 11,the fundamental structure of U. According to classicist Karl Meuli, anomic festivals such as the Roman saturnalia, the charivari, and the medieval carnival display a connection with the situations of suspended law that characterize certain archaic penal institutions.

In the iustitium, by contrast, there was no creation of a new magistrate. Why does Agamben insist on replacing the dictatorship with another general model?

Dem Autor folgen

Far from deciding on the state of exception and ci including it in the legal orderthe sovereign in the German tragic drama aims to avoid such emergency measures to keep them separate from the legal order: As Agamben explains, ‘in the exhibition of the mournful character of every festival and the festive character of every mourning, law and anomy show their distance and, at the same time, their secret solidarity.

While innumerable debates and insights may be drawn from this slim volume, 8 I will limit this review to three areas: Bush on 13 November subjecting non-citizens suspected of terrorist activities to indefinite detention edcezione military tribunals as the most recent in a line of emergency measures that open a no-man’s-land between the political and the juridical.

For him, the generalization of temporary measures reveals a blurring of distinctions between law and politics. For one reason or another, the existence of such spaces devoid of law seems so essential to the legal order that the latter must make every possible effort to assure a relation to the former, as if the law in order to guarantee its functioning must necessarily entertain a relation to anomy.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Academic colleagues and other commentators in the media seemed either offended by the implied comparison agamhen mere fingerprinting with the operation of concentration camps or else they dismissed his comment as symptomatic of a politically irresponsible and paranoid style of thought infecting academia.

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Stato di eccezione : Giorgio Agamben :

Not surprisingly, the argument does little to change our understanding of the subsequent history of emergency powers. Following Adolphe Nissen’s Das IustitiumAgamben distinguishes the legal void of the iustitium from the paradigm of dictatorship. Free Trade in the Bermuda Triangle Pressdescribes three forms of states of emergency: If the reader does not accept Agamben’s philosophical reorientation, the historical contribution to contemporary debates will seem modest.

To deepen his case against Schmitt, Agamben offers an analysis of the Roman republican convention of the iustitium–an ancient precedent for the state of exception. In spite of the common view, neither Hitler nor Mussolini was a dictator.

Even if we accept this kind of paradigm shopping as a valid way to make critical, agamgen, or ethical assessments, Agamben’s method frustrates his potential contributions to comparative or historical inquiry. Schmitt describes the state of exception as a kind of legal vacuum, a ‘suspension of the legal order in its totality.

Stato di eccezione

Despite their normative dissonance, the arbitrary detentions and the other apparent suspensions of due process standards that followed are not particularly surprising from the point of view of mainstream constitutional debates. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. At a time when Australians face trial before U. Far from aamben back to the legal order, as Schmitt contends, the state of exception exhibits the ‘impossible conjuncture’ between norm and reality, or between the law and its application.

Constitutionalists have failed to reach any consensus on these issues, but that is not the eccezioone as remaining silent. In the technical sense, ‘force-of-law’ refers not to the law itself, but to decrees that have, as the expression goes, ‘force-of-law’–decrees that executive power can be authorized to sttao, and most notably in the state of exception.