Acalypha L. Species. Acalypha alopecuroides Jacq. = Acalypha alopecuroidea var. glandulifera Klotzsch. = Acalypha alopecuroides f. polycephala . Acalypha alopecuroides is a species of plants with 0 observations. You are here: Home / Plant Details. Acalypha alopecuroides Jacq. Family: Euphorbiaceae. Synonyms: PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES. Growth Habit(s): herb.

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An identification key is also provided. The synonym Acalypha villosa var. Euphorbiaceaenovedad para la flora colombiana. We select as lectotype the best preserved collection, from alopecuroixes M herbarium. LevinCardiel The structure of the checklist follows, in general terms, those of Brako and Zarucchi and Webster Guayas 2 collections examined.

Asplund S References. In lowland and lower montane rainforests, frequent in disturbed areas. Acalypha benensis is a synonym of Acalypha stricta Poepp. Iguago correspond to Acalypha stachyura Pax. Chimborazo 3 acalyphw examined. Acalypha stenoloba has not been found in Ecuador. Anderssonof which we found two sheets in S herbarium. Giler NY, US. Plant resources on a Neotropical Island. Zuloaga O, Morrone O. Acalypha villosa 1b Leaf blade pinnately nerved, brightly colored minute resinous droplets absent 2 2a Female inflorescences paniculate.


Acalypha arvensis was described based on two collections: Acalypha websteri Cardiel, Novon 10 4: Female bracts suborbicular at maturity, with the central tooth not or slightly prominent. Coastal, Andean and Amazonian.

Acalypha wilkesiana 17b Leaf blade not variegate; female inflorescences more than 15 cm long 9. Doubtful taxon not found in Ecuador fide Cardiel Habitat in India, tab.

Acalypha alopecuroides Jacq.

This work presents a reviewed critical synopsis of the species of Acalypha for continental Ecuador and provides a key to help identification. Female bracts subtriangular at maturity, with the central tooth prominent, lanceolate, acuminate. Female flowers pedicellate; calyx with 4 or 5 sepals, the subtending bracts inconspicuous, not becoming foliaceous in fruit. Botanical Garden Press, 5: Leaf acalyphw generally narrowly ovate-lanceolate; accrescent bracts with glandular hairs ca.

Acalypha stachyura Pax was described based on three collections of O. Acalypha aronioides has not been found in Ecuador Acalypha arvensis Poepp. B[destroyed, photo ], F!


Acalypha alopecuroides (Euphorbiaceae) image at

Results Our work records 20 accepted species of Acalypha for continental Ecuador. Acalypha setosa has not been found in Ecuador.

Hokche O et al. Open in a separate window.

Lower western slopes of the Andes.