For a reference manual, see Chapter 3 [Invoking a2ps], page 9. For the definition of some words, see Appendix A [Glossary], page Table of Contents. NAME. a2ps – format files for printing on a PostScript printer. SYNOPSIS. a2ps [OPTIONS] FILES a2ps [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION. Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that the entire.

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These are the options through which you may define the information you want to see all around the pages. You must make sure that they, too, receive or can get the source code.

There is a general mechanism to avoid special sequences from being interpreted: Moreover, its size would have ten times what it is. What you are reading maanual from this initial Texinfo file. Working with a2ps 6.

a2ps(1) – Linux man page

Reformatting PostScript with psutils. Page device is a PostScript level 2 feature that offers an uniform interface to control printer’s output device.

They should be defined in the preamble:. For example some printers can print in duplex mode and some can not. Keywords and regular symbols A keyword if recognized, is just written in a special font.

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If you want to do a profound translation work, contact us. There is no equivalent to the LaTeX environment enumerate. Third, mixing several parsers within one program is not easy.

The latest versions may be found on decrease order of service quality: This document was generated on 9 June using the texi2html translator version 1. Headers, footers, titles and the water mark are strings in which some meta sequences are later replaced by their actual values.

a2ps, version 4.7.20

At the shell prompt, type its name and the name of a file that you want it to transform, thus:. John David Stone stone cs. From the latest known version from Miguel Santana 4. This order must mamual taken into account for some meta sequences e.

This style also suits news files. Calling pack is fairly simple: The statusdict is a special storage entity in PostScript called a dictionnaryin which some variables and operators determine the behavior of the printer.

Even portions of this very documentation are taken from the GNU enscript man pages. Please, respect the alphabetical order in which the languages are introduced.

As for page device, kanual variables are device dependent: It can be a good candidate for generation of PostScript output syntactic pretty-printers, generation of various reports etc. To be recognized, both need to start by a character in the first alphabet and to be immediately followed by a character which does not belong to the second alphabet.

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This guide discusses a few of the features of a program called a2ps, which acts as an interface to a large selection of filters.

Two different levels of pretty printing can be reached: Using a2ps to Prepare a Text File for Printing.

a2ps(1) manual page

However, a2ps supports very many command-line options that modify this behavior. Moreover, since pack is specially devoted to listings, only Courier, which is fix sized, make sense as a base font.

Most of them make lpr the default, but it is often possible to ask for a2ps, with or without command-line options, instead. There are two PostScript instructions you might want to use in your new PostScript prologue: The precise conditions of the licenses for manua programs currently being distributed that relate to pack are found in the General Public Licenses that accompany them. To exit gsenter Ctrl – C. What is not allowed is to try to prevent others from further sharing any version of these programs that they might get from you.

However, the lpr program is rather limited.